“The fact that he made the night seamless for our guests is something we could never have done without him”

Alan was highly recommended from our photographer, Lucas Mobley. We needed someone who would come in a do a great job and do most of the heavy lifting in terms of song selection and setup, etc. We first met with Alan and instantly got along. He’s very easy going and listens closely to what matters to us. He was able to work independently and give suggestions along the way. Also his DJ style was such that he wants to keep the flow of the party and listen and adjust to things as they happen. He told us this when we met him but it wasn’t till the actual event where we actually came to appreciate this.

Everything that he promised us (setting up, having a mic, lights, song selections, queuing, introductions) happened without us knowing. Once the plan was in place (which he created about 95% of the way, the few details from us were needed) he executed it flawlessly such that we had one less thing to worry about on our big day.

He most certainly was committed. The week before he consulted with us a second time to find out exactly what songs we wanted for the key parts. We had enough control in the areas we wanted control. In the areas that we had no preference, he filled in the gaps to make the night completely seamless. Also, the great part about Alan is that he doesn’t nickel and dime you for every extra piece. He charges a flat rate which means he’s there from start to finish without any question about extra money or time. He’s there for you and committed to the event.

He knows the basic elements of an American, Jewish, and Asian wedding. This is not an easy task. He was able to suggest certain things that we might want to do in the night like mother/son dance, bouquet toss, cake cutting, introductions, etc, etc. We really had no idea of how we wanted the night to flow and Alan came in and suggested different parts, the ordering of each, and really became the glue for everything to fit together.

The comparison I have is that, we went to a wedding a few months after ours. One song was playing and everyone was up and dancing. The very next song was this old crusty old song that made everyone stop moving, even the 88 year old grandpa! THIS WAS NOT ALAN.

Alan in contrast was professional in the sense that he has the experience to know how to monitor the guests and keep the sound moving in a way that keeps people flowing.
On the equipment side, he has his own sound system, mixer, laptop, mic, etc and it was of great quality. The people in the back had no problems hearing. Alan came dressed in a suit and bow tie and acted professionally the entire time.
After questioning us and finding out our interests, he was able to find the music that we enjoyed and that fit with our personality. Timing and volume were great.

As an MC, he stayed out of the way for as much as possible since, according to him, each time the MC speaks it’s an interruption to the party. So he treated that responsibility with great respect and only spoke when necessary. He also did intros for the wedding party. His delivery was spot on and made the commentary very enjoyable to listen to.

HIRE HIM! The amount of work he put in for us in such a short time was phenomenal. And the fact that he made the night seamless for our guests is something we could never have done without him.



Ngoc-Diep Pham and Aaron Swerdlin