“Everything was planned down to the minute and it all went off without a hitch”

We interviewed a few different DJs before choosing Alan. When we asked some questions of the other DJs, one of them felt that a backup set of equipment was unnecessary. Another felt that they didn’t need to insure their own equipment, rather that the venue should do it for them. We definitely didn’t like either of those answers. Alan is insured, licensed, has a back up set of equipment, has his own website, and can take requests both on the fly and ahead of time.
Alan did an amazing job, we definitely felt that we chose the right DJ for our big day.
Alan was definitely more committed than “just a gig” that’s for sure. He went above expectations.
Alan spent a lot of time working with us to edit a song for our first dance as well as helped us chose a father/daughter dance song. He also met us at the venue so he could see it first hand and help us design a floor plan. He also helped gauge how long Cocktail Hour needed to be and assisted in our timeline making. It was above and beyond what we expected.
I think the timing and volume was excellent. And there were people on the dance floor all night long! The floor did nearly completely clear out at one point, but it was a song I had personally chosen. So that is on me. Ah well, I enjoyed dancing to it with my ‘new’ husband!
He wasn’t like a talk show host and I’m glad for that. A recent wedding I went to had a talk show host style MC which is what I was afraid would also happen to ours. I think he added just the right amount of cheesy-ness to our day.
I think it went rather smoothly! Everything was planned down to the minute and it all went off without a hitch. I think Alan played a huge part in that!

Marissa Pleasants and Dorian Goettler