Fun? Personal? Smooth-Flowing?

Your wedding CAN have it all

Done right, your wedding and reception will be magical. You will look out and see the meaningful people in your life gathered to celebrate. You bask in the love, not just from your new spouse, but from your entire community.

Getting there starts with great planning. We’ll chat about what elements of a wedding are authentic and meaningful to you. And what aren’t.

We’ll brainstorm ways to creatively tell your story. I’ll throw out ideas. Some will resonate with you. Some won’t. And that’s great. By the end, we’ll all understand what YOU want. Then it all comes together to tell the story of you and your relationship.

Everything at your wedding is a big deal. As MC, I’m committed to making sure that everyone knows what’s going on and what’s coming up. I want people to see you cut your cake. I want you to experience the magic of your first dance. Have a chance to tell your parents what their support has mean to you. Have great toasts (that all the guests can hear.)

And then, as the celebration turns to dancing, that dancefloor will rock. Everyone – from your grandparents to the flower girls – will feel included. Guests are welcome to make requests. (And the good ones will get played.)

In the end, you’ll have a night where you’ve had all the emotion and fun you can handle. As the evening finishes, even if there’s some exhaustion and the tiniest bit of (non-makeup smearing) sweat, I hope we’ll have a big hug and you’ll say, “Alan, that’s EXACTLY what we wanted.”

I care. I care about you. I care about your wedding. This is my career, definitely, but even more than that, it’s my passion. In many cases, I forge life-long relationships with my couples. And it’s so gratifying to see their relationships grow.

Cynthia and Jason could take a bow after their first dance. Their first step was to Contact Alan.

Be like Cythia and Jason.