All about Seattle DJ Alan Chitlik

I’ve been passionate about music my entire life. Always “THAT GUY” – making mix tapes, going to concerts and spending my spare time (and money) collecting music.

So in 1997, when my friend Annie’s wedding DJ cancelled three days before her wedding (!), she asked if I could take that musical knowledge and rescue her. I gulped a bit (well, really gulped a lot), but immediately agreed. The night turned out great. The music played. People danced. And a new era of my life began.

I began to DJ many of my friends’ weddings. It was the most rewarding thing I’d ever done. I loved it so much that I left my corporate job in 2004. Ever since, DJing has been my profession and my passion.


I was a newspaper reporter in my 20s. I covered everything from murder trials to county fair to billion-dollar financial transactions. The common thread in EVERY story, though, was that I listened intently so I could accurately report what people said. The skills from that experience still help me today. As we plan, I ask a lot of questions and actively listen to fully understand what people want from their events. Sometimes, good questions help me extract the perfect piece of information to introduce a member of the wedding party. Other times, I’ll interview a couple and include their own story in their own words in a unique first dance.

Bring on Seattle

MCing Nicki and Albert’s Reception. (Affinity Photography photo.)

Later, I spent a decade in the corporate world at the “Redmond Software Giant.” I ran all sorts of large events, including one with then-CEO Steve Ballmer as the featured speaker. I flew across the country doing software demos in front of passionate groups of users, which helped me hone my speaking skills.

Today, as an MC, I guide the evening with an unobtrusive touch. Guests will know what’s going on. What’s coming up. Who’s about to give a toast. They won’t miss ANY of your special moments. I bring the humor, but steer well clear of “Cheesy DJ” territory.


It often feels to me like the rest of my life was building up to prepare me for this career. I feel so fortunate that the things I’ve done have come together and fit so well. The big hug at the end of the night from a couple who just had an amazing wedding is incredibly satisfying.

I live in the Green Lake area of Seattle with my incredible wife Sarah and our 12-year-old twins, Jake and Lauren (collectively referred to as “The Tornados.”) So yes, both personally and professionally, I most certainly rock the minivan.

If you have read or skimmed this far on the “About Alan” page, I know you’re ready for the obligatory list of interesting/quirky things that make me unique. Do I like sunsets? Do I like to walk on the beach? How do I evaluate the pros and cons of soft puppies?

I do not wish to disappoint, so here you go:

  • With enough gum, I can blow a bubble the size of my head. WITH ANOTHER BUBBLE IN IT(!)
  • I’ve been to 44 states. During those travels, I have stopped at more than 100 businesses named “Al’s” or “Big Al’s.”
  • I’ve taken a few stand-up comedy and improv classes and have performed at the Comedy Underground in Seattle.
  • My greatest accomplishment as high school Student Council President is generally considered to be ordering stationary.
  • We are big Mariner fans in our family – I proposed during the third-ever game at Safeco Field.
  • Finally, Survivor is my “guilty pleasure” TV show and I am convinced that Jeff Probst would be a great moderator for a presidential debate.

More? Really? Well alrighty then.

  • Nowhere is my self-esteem higher than in regard to my ability to make and grill a burger. In fact, the Alburger has its own Facebook Page. Just sayin’.
  • I am still a BIG Springsteen fan after all these years and have loved being invited to photograph him with a press pass during his last six tours.
  • My favorite holiday is the first day of Daylight Savings Time, followed pretty closely by the 4th of July and Thanksgiving.
  • I love throwing a party, big or small.