Wedding Music

Personal guidance and easy tools to help you select your music

From the moment your guests are seated at the ceremony, your music provides a soundtrack. It’s a powerful determinant of how an evening feels to your guests and how it flows.

As part of making your reception highly personal, I encourage you to select as much of the music as you like. Together, we will create playlists that incorporates and displays your personalities.  (For most couples, it’s a fun way to put the stamp of your personality into your event.)

As a bit of a “musicologist,” I’ve spent a lot of time checking out songs, genres and lists and observing what works and what doesn’t. So I will be there to guide you.

When it’s time to dance, I will general start off play the most “inclusive” dance songs you’ve selected. Pretty much the best dance songs of all time. I LOVE seeing Grandparents dancing with their Grandkids. If your crowd has some that they’ve traditionally danced to at all their events, I’ll play them at just the perfect moment.

You can click below to see suggestions in some of the main Wedding Music categories. (In addition, I encourage you to join me on Spotify, where I am regularly posting new playlists:

Wedding Ceremony Music

Processional Music ideas

Just like Gini and her father, you can make the walk down the aisle memorable.

Recessional Music ideas

The recessional is an energetic moment, so upbeat is a great call.

Wedding Reception Music

Grand Entrance Song ideas

Kari and Mitch used Sign, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours – Stevie Wonder as the song for their entrance. And rocked the sunglasses!

First Dance Song Ideas

Anniversary Dance Song Ideas

The anniversary dance begins with all the married couples on the dance floor and ends by celebrating the couple who have been married the longest.

Bouquet Toss song ideas

Erin tosses her bouquet to the guests.

Garter Toss Song Ideas

Nick flicks the garter to gentlement who have a varied level of interest in catching the garter.

Cake Cutting Music suggestions

The papparazi are out in force as Rachel and Tania cut the cake at their wedding on the Skansonia.

Father Daughter Dance song ideas

Jenniefer and her father share quite an emotion moment dacing to their song.

Mother Son Dance song ideas

Chris and his mom share a laugh during their dance to.

Combined Parent Dance song ideas

Chrissy and Chris share their dance with their parents.

Garter Removal Song Ideas

Amber has a big laugh as Christian takes off her garter.

Last Dance Song Ideas

Ashley and Brendan enjoy their last dance of the night.